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I'm running a fic challenge right now:
Fight_Bingo. Must be completed by: 21-9-2012 to be a winner, sign ups are still open, just comment here if you'd like a card.

Things you might want to know: This journal is (mostly) friends only. It's also (mostly) fannish. Icon and fic posts are public. I will probably friend you back if you say hi at some point.

I'm at dreamwidth and journalfen too, though I don't actively use them except to watch/comment on comms/journals that aren't on LJ. Friend away at either.

My fight_bingo '11/'12 card: here. Ongoing!

My kink_bingo card '10: here. Complete!


Marvel (comicsverse):

Threeway - Marvel 616 - Bullseye/Daken (UST), Deadpool, Daken/OMC - 4.5k - R.
Lester is doing some surveillance for a job. It's a little more interesting than he'd expected.

I know how you work (I am just like you) - Punisher MAX - Bullseye (Bullseye/Frank) - R - 4k.
Bullseye wakes up pressed naked and damp against Frank's mattress.

Terminal - Dark Avengers - Daken/Bullseye - R - 3k.
Daken pushes things too far, and then a bit further.

X-Men (movieverse):

Gimme Shelter '67 - Victor/Logan (Sabretooth/Wolverine), OCs - 6.2k - R - a goodly chunk of this is set during the Vietnam war. I have gently glossed over the gaps in my knowledge in relation to that with the light, airy touch of a steamroller.

Inglourious Basterds:

No future is certain - Donny Donowitz/Smithson Utivitch - R - for the “bloodplay” square on my kink_bingo card.

Generation Kill:

"The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies" series:
1. the gentle art of making enemies - Brad & Ray (perhaps mildly Brad/Ray) - R - assassins!AU - short.
Brad and Ray are good at their job (also, see foreboding title).
2. Cigarettes - assassin!AU - Brad/Ray - 28, 000 words.
3. Baseball - assassin!AU - Brad/denial, Ray/bad life decisions, Brad/Rayish - 5k.
Sidestory in the Gentle Art Of Making Enemies 'verse. Will be completely confusing without reading the others. Set before the beginning of the series (a fact I just realised, by my own timeline, makes Ray a teenager). Written for the fight_bingo prompt "baseball bat".


I've been hurting - Johnny & Pete - R - drug use as both a summary and a warning - 1500 words.
"Where there is a will, Pete, there is a dirty fucking way."

Merry Fucking Christmas - Johnny/Archy - NC-17 - 9000 words.
Johnny turns around with a start, the music's off and now he's moved, his head is spinning lightly just a little out of synch with his body. Good choice then, holding off on the next little pill. Archy's come for him. Archy remembered.

Awful feels softer - Johnny/Archy - R - 8000ish words.
A kiss with a fist is better than none?

Two Step - One Two/Handsome Bob - R.
Salsa, stupidity, and sexy scenes.

Between Juniper and Junket - R - Johnny Quid/Archy.
"You look good, Johnny," Archy looks him over head to toe.


you're perfect, yes, it's true (go on and ring my neck) - Pete/Patrick - mostly porn - 4, 500 - NC-17.
"What I mean is," he puts his mouth close to Pete's ear and Pete goes tense for a number of reasons and Patrick's lips brush his earlobe, "if you don't give me back that fucking Twinkie I am going to fucking kill you, you fucking klepto asshole."

Gimme Gimme Gimme - R - Pete/Mikey, Pete/Frank - set in the same 'verse as "you're perfect, yes, it's true" (linked above ^).
"Pete," Mikey says, and tilts his head ever further to the side, his skin drum-taut against Pete's mouth.

"Mmm," Pete hums without releasing him. He is a fucking hicky artist and will not have his work spoiled.

Beats, Wings - Dan/Jepha - wing!fic - 14, 000 words - NC-17.
Dan talks to his dogs and Jepha Howard makes him lose his goddamn rhythm.

Various comment!fic:
1. Frank/Jepha, ankles. (Turned out to be Frank/Dan/Jepha with a side of kink, but there you go).
2. Mikeyway, concentrate. (Turned out to be Mikeyway and Gerard in the basement with a ouija board, which totally sounds like Cluedo).
3. Jepha/Dan, gamble. (With a side of kink, as if anyone's surprised).
4. Frank/Gerard, shaving. (Turned out to be a cliche high-school AU, I think everyone in bandom is required to write one of these at some point?)
5. Jepha/Quinn, drunk. (Turned out to be porn).

Knows Better - Jepha/Dan - R.
So Jepha knows better.

Four Times Dan Made Jepha Happy - Dan/Jepha - this was commentfic for [ profile] yan_tan_tether.

Number one on my list of things to do- The m'n'f'n Used! (Dan/Jepha, GSF) - R.
Jepha would just kind of like a gangbang is all.

Zen And The Art of Brinkmanship - co-written with [ profile] apiphile - Pete/Patrick - R.
It's alright, it's not weird, because Patrick's asleep, and if he doesn't know about it it didn't really happen.

Bob Bryar's Magical Mysterious Adventure - [ profile] apiphile & I - Bob Bryar/Josh Homme.

Texts From Last Night, This Morning, And Now - [ profile] apiphile & I - The Used.
(801) my jizz tastes like pineapple

Odds Of Roughly A Billion To One - me & [ profile] apiphile - The Used (both a fandom and a pairing, in this case) - NC-17 - 35, 000 words - PWP.
Bert having his dick out is like. A red herring. "Fish dick," Quinn says out loud.

Being An Examination Of The Literary Achievements Of An Emo Band - [ profile] apiphile & I - FOB - Pete/Patrick-y.

- Joe.

The Thursdayverse Index - 130, 000 wordsish, R, mob-AU, multiple pairings, written with [ profile] apiphile, COMPLETE.

Bad News/Peeniverse:
We Are Bad News (Well, HE Is) - co-written with [ profile] apiphile (Another PanGlobal Filthfic Production :D) - R.
It started when Pete accidentally got engaged to Mikeyway. It's not really his fault, he was coming at the time. How was he to know it would end with Frank running naked through hotel corridors wearing only a boy scout's scarf, screaming for lube?

Bad News coda - rated G for gross-Frank.

There are also MOAR PEENIVERSE SEQUELS: Modern Alchemy, Mean Deviation & The Good News Is, You Don't Have Rabies - Bob/Frank (Modern Alchemy contains Bob/Frank/Jepha/Dan, and Mean Deviation contains Bob/Jepha/Dan, but overall: Bob/Frank) - by [ profile] apiphile.

Hard Core Logo:

A Glorified Screw (or: Five Times Joe Kissed Billy, and One Time Billy Kissed Joe) - Joe/Billy - NC-17 - 16, 000 words.
At least six kisses, a whole lotta love and a considerable amount of blood.

Never Did Find My Way Back - Joe/Billy - NC-17.
They were all drunk and loose as fuck, halfway through the tour and tour fucked, hanging precariously from moods held up or let down by too few hours sleep, too many come downs and too much piss.

Untitled ficlet - PG - Joe & Billy - unbetaed - socks.


Just - Miguel Alvarez - R.
Eight days in the life of Miguel Alvarez, post-season six. Was written for the 10th anniversary flashfic challenge at [ profile] oz_rapsheet.

The Authority:

Because Apollo can fly us both above the rain - Apollo/Midnighter - R.
This is a lot of little stories about one love.

Dog Soldiers:

Howl - (vaguely) Sgt. Harry G. Wells/Pvt. Cooper - R.
This fic serves barely any purpose beyond me writing about Kevin McKidd’s character in pain: violence, blood.


My boy builds coffins - Sam/Dean - NC-17 - 3, 500 words - written for the “genital torture” square of my kink_bingo card.
"Would you believe 'the devil made me do it'?" Sam laughs and Dean feels the hair stand up on his arms.

"Sam, no -- you're not him. You won."

Cigarettes and chocolate milk - Sam/Jess, Sam/Dean - 2000-ish words - NC-17 - kink_bingo (tickling).
It's a typical brother thing, it's a typical Dean thing, and it's funny, it's fun, until it's not.

Dig Your Thumbs In - NC-17 - 12, 000-ish words - written for kink_bingo (breathplay) - Sam/Dean.

a bag full of God - NC-17 - written for kink_bingo (authority kink), hooker!fic - Dean/OMC(s), Dean/Sam.
Sleeping on his side, Sam’s silhouette is a mountain range.

Carry On My Wayward Gnome - PG - gen (humour).
"Dean, it's... so... large. And... shiny."

On What Wings - R - Sam/Dean (wing!fic).
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare seize the fire?

In Bloom - R - Sam/Dean (Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC).
They say that our sense of smell is more powerful at evoking memories than any of our other senses.


Circles and Semi-Circles - R - Jason/Tim (implied Bruce/Jason).
Jason lived, Bruce didn’t.


The Beany Dead - Z for ZOMBIES - Harold, soy beans, ensemble.
Harold grows more than he bargained for with Paul Robinson’s Organic Fertilizer.

Casino Royale (James Bond):

Shards - NC-17 - Bond/OMC.

Prison Break:

Crooked - R - T-Bag (T-Bag/Michael [one sided], various).
Nine snapshots of Theodore Bagwell’s life, from childhood to Fox River.


Unspoken - Hard Core Logo/Bandom - Joe Dick/Jepha Howard - R.
"Your band fucking blows," Joe says.

Walking a Line - Boondock Saints/Supernatural - R - Dean, Connor/Murphy.
Sam's Dead. Dean falls.

Fight Club/HCL crossover drabble - extremely unfinished and unbetaed - Joe/Billy.

St. Sebastian - RocknRolla/True Blood - Tommy Merlotte, The Wild Bunch, etc. - PG.
With an entirely straight face, Bob says: "This is Tommy, he wants to join the Wild Bunch. He's a thief."


The Used - Berth screencap-spam!


Kevin McKidd should play Midnighter if they ever do a live action Authority film.

Josh Homme, my god. A picspam.


Gimme - Ichi the Killer - "Gimme Gimme Gimme" covered by A Perfect Circle - warning for gore.


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