Aug. 8th, 2011

dcu fic rec

Aug. 8th, 2011 04:25 pm
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When he saw his own eyes by Te.

DCU. All the... pairings. In the world. But let's start with Tim/Lex, because that's the main one. I have been enjoying the FUCK out of this fic for the last several days (several days because it is, oh, 600 pages long which I did not realise AT ALL when I started reading it since Te's fic headers are less than helpful in the traditional pairing/rating/length way, though very helpful in others). It is a big giant DCU AU wherein instead of becoming Robin, a 15 year old Tim is send by his mother to spend a summer learning business and science-y things from Lex, by which I mean sent by his mother to spy on Lex for the benefit of Drake Industries.

Things do not go as planned.

Basically this is completely full of so many things I should warn for I don't know where to begin (I'm not employing hyperbole here, I really don't know), but the gist of it is: seriously kinky sex engaged in by seriously fucked up people.


SO THIS WAS A JOY. A JOOOOOOY TO READ. I fucking love the actual AU, and I love what it did with all the characters, and I love where it ended.

One thing I should warn for also, is that Te's characters tend to communicate through sex. And just basically-- there is a fuckload of sex, and honestly, my eyes would have glazed over and not in the good way if this were someone else's fic because that is a lot of sex, but Te's sex scenes are almost always related to the emotional and sometimes actual plot. They ALWAYS say or reveal something about a character. (And. Fuck is it hot sex).

But in all honestly I could have done with more plot a tiny bit less sex. Just like. 10% less. Maybe.

There is something I find comforting about Te's writing style (which is extremely distictive and may bother some people. I suspect you either love it or you don't. I love it, but I have nostalgia for it from my DCU fanpersoning days).

OKAY, things I loved most:

* BEST FEMALE CHARACTERS IN A FIC FOR LIKE A THOUSAND YEARS. I fucking LOVED every second of her Hope and Mercy. Beautiful. AWESOME. I can't even begin to say how much I love Hope's whole arc and Mercy's... just, her. Being her.

* Lex is not SV Lex, he is most definitely comicverse Lex, which is an interesting way to go because comics!Lex is definitely less redeemable woobie and way more "villain". She writes his ambiguity beautifully. He is a bastard most of the time, except when he's not. Ugh. Yay.


* This is a minor thing but it made me happy: her descriptions of Jason, when he shows up (it's not really a spoiler to say he does, it's telegraphed pretty early on) are so fucking spot on perfect to my head canon Jason Todd I can't even.

* The very ending scene. I grinned like a fucking moron.

This was so very... IDficcy and indulgent and old school feeling. (Also, now I am thinking slightly more about it, has a terribly beautifully hopeful and happy ending for like, THE WORLD. Uh. Spoiler. WHATEVER).




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